Bartolini’s Pitch

  • Although it may seem trivial, the first solution to reduce the environmental impact could be the (partial, but progressively) conversion of the transport fleets, moving from petrol or diesel powered vehicles to those powered by electricity. In recent years, technologies related to zero-emission engines have made enormous progress, making these vehicles much more accessible than it was a few years ago.
  • The second point concerns us consumers. How many times have we purchased a single item online? Maybe asking for a fast delivery. Here, what seems a gesture without consequence increase enormously the number of transports that must be carried out by companies that deliver goods. Precisely for this reason, the consumer should be “educated to purchase” and pushed towards more informed choices, such as the rediscovery of the neighborhood shop or the bundling of small expenses made online.
  • Finally, another solution, although more futuristic, could be the dislocation of production through the use of 3D printers. With these, different types of goods could be printed directly in the storage places or in areas far from the main factories, reducing a large part of the emission linked to transport.




Putting myself in a box is hard. I just like to create and share interesting things.

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Lorenzo Bentivoglio

Lorenzo Bentivoglio

Putting myself in a box is hard. I just like to create and share interesting things.

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